Your Perfect Render Farm Service

3D Still Image: Only 1.5 $/node/h (1.7 cent/Ghzh)

3D Sequence: Only 1 $/node/h (1.1cent/Ghzh)

and even lower for potential customer


Teamviewer Remote

Fully technical support

More effective

Synchronized configuration

Optimized data management


From 1.1 cent/GHzh

Discount for a bunk purchase



Optimized network config

Independent data center

Highspeed SSD data center: Read 540MB/s Write: 520MB/s

Independent Render Manager

Synchronized configuration:

10 x Dual Xeon E5-2670 

CPU 2.67 GHz x 32 threads


160 xeon cores

320 render thread

832 GHz

Node LAN speed is up to 1Gb/s

Data center LAN speed is up to 4Gb/s

Data storage

Save project data up to 6 months

Storage time extension up on request

24/7 technical support

3Ds Max Technical support

Rendering optimization experience sharing



BlacksheepRender is not like any other render farms in Vietnam charging render job sentimentally and reduce to same amount. ), which leads to different jobs cost the same even though they do not carry the same amount of render time. It is a waste of money for those projects which need rendering for tons of 3D  frames. The reason many render farms keep charging their customers by this way is that they do not own a synchronized render machine system which can help time-tracking charge accurately.

At Blacksheep, it is guaranteed that you only pay for what your renderjobs’ needs by real time tracking as other professional render farms oversea are doing. You may save your budget a lot more if you can optimize your project.


Being team leaders, project leaders and in charge of hundreds 3D projects in Vietnam and other countries, BLACKSHEEP RENDER understand the need and the obstacle of many 3D artists when finding trustable, affordable, amicable and easy-to-use rendering system. We are not like other render farms in Vietnam which are actually selling machine but trying to do render rental service without any 3D or rendering knowledge. We are different to other oversea render farms by what we can offer to you, Easy to use and Cost Effective

BLACKSHEEP RENDER is originally founded by an 3D Artist who insightfully understands what a 3D artist needs. With a passion of helping to water the 3D industry and create a lever which could support other 3D artists in Vietnam, may we help you get closer to best productions. We proudly to be where you can freely turn your ideas into real 3D works with lowest price, to be where you can get support for your project but also to be where you can share and learn.

At BLACKSHEEP RENDER, we treat you as colleague. We care, We share, We associate.


Most popular 3D software

Software and plugin update on request

Render Distributed large size still image

Free technical support


BLACKSHEEP RENDER is founded and operated by an experienced 3D artist who has understood the essentials in renderjobs. We offers to you the perfect rendering service, Neither too much, which increasing and wasting the cost.  Nor too weak , which is not effective.

Autodesk 3DsMax


Vray 3.6 for 3DsMax

Autodesk Maya

2016 Extension 2

Maxon Cinema4D



(*) Estimated cost: is the temporary cost which is estimated based on your information and project brief . Only for reference.

(**) Final cost: the final total cost after the liquidation, it can be higher or lower than the Estimated cost. This is the real cost client need to pay.

Blacksheep Estimate calculator for Render Time and Cost ( please activate Flash Player to use )



BLACKSHEEP RENDER is founded by Mr. Nguyen Quyet Thang – 3D Generalist, who has 8-year experiences in many 3D companies and different 3D industries such as: game, advertising, architecture, animation…

Nowadays, many 3D artists do not work for only one company, they also work as freelancer for smaller projects to make more money. However, we all know that being a freelancer is not simple as we think. A freelancer faces many difficulties that could not be solved without outsourced support or other team members’ support when they work for a company. Getting through production obtacles, 3D artists conclusively are stuck in the final stop of the race, it is named rendering. Most 3D design companies equiped their team with an appropriate render farm, which is, on the other hand, impossible for a freelancer.

To build a render farm, big one or small one, you should not only be in a good financial status to furnish the high-end and powerful infrastructure but also masters in network system, network render, data center, system maintenance, problem-solving, or else you need enough money to hire someone who can do it all. As a result, most freelancers, instead, find a temporary solution which is affordable.


Metacare - Nuôi con nhàn tênh

Metacare - Nuôi con nhàn tênh Viral Clip Viral Clip

Vinacacao TVC

Vinacacao TVC

VinHomes Golden River TVC

VinHomes Golden River TVC

Landmark 81 TVC

Landmark 81 TVC

Architecture Demo Reel

Architecture Demo Reel

Mitsubishi Soft Freezing

Mitsubishi Soft Freezing

Lonely island

Lonely island





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Phone: +84 989 95 45 89

Skype: thang.nguyen87

Facebook: thangnguyen3d

Address: 532 Phan Van Tri, Ward7, Go Vap Distict, HCM city, VietNam

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